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Teaching Staff

Sabrina Assourian, Choices/Internship Coordinator

Sabrina Assourian obtained her BA in English, moved overseas to do some volunteer work and explore the world, then moved back to the states to continue her education and work. She has worked with Career Technical Education for the past 13 years, placing students at various sites in her community, cultivating and encouraging relationships between local businesses and schools. Watching students become successful is what drives her belief in CTE programs. She enjoys getting out of the country at every opportunity, exploring and meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and trying the different food!


Chris Bach, World Studies/ELD


Chris Bach is one-half of the World Studies team, and he also teaches ELD. Prior to joining the staff of New Tech, he was a teacher in Seattle, Chicago, and Monterey. Chris received a B.A. in English from Portland State University and a Master In Teaching and an administrative certificate from the University of Washington. He likes reading, spending time with his family, traveling and watching movies.

Andre Baldauf, American Studies/Credit Recovery


Andre Baldauf is one-half of the American Studies class teaching a combination of American Literature and United States History. Andre Baldauf has been teaching at New Tech since 2008. If not in his American Studies class, Mr. Baldauf can be found near or in the closest ocean.


Andrew Biggs, Government/Economics/Psychology


Andrew Biggs is a 2006 New Tech High alumni, and he is grateful every day that he gets to pay his own New Tech experiences forward to the next generations. He is committed to supporting his students in solving big, authentic, real world problems in his Government, Economics and Psychology classes, and he does his best to stay out of their way.


Lily Rex Comess, Creative Studies/Creative Writing


Lily Rex joins the New Tech High team this year after finishing her credential at Sonoma State University.

Lisa Gottfried, Digital Design Pathway


Lisa Gottfried , M. Ed., Educator, Video producer, director, writer, CEO of Video in a Minute, owner of DigitalWeavers. Lisa Gottfried’s career began with a B.F.A at University of Washington in Seattle Washington. She had transferred from George Washington University in D.C. to pursue her art degree. While in D.C. she worked as a stagehand for Lisner Auditorium, doing behind the scenes work for acts such as Dennis Miller, Live. The Beach Boys, Carl Sagan and many more well known performers. She attributes her love of video and filmmaking to that early period of her education.

After college she created her own website and video business, Digital Weavers, creating marketing material first for writers, then gourmet chefs and finally the wine industry in the Napa Valley, Video in a Minute. She built up a client base that includes Clos du Val, Rodney Strong, VGS and Flora Springs.

She was enticed to leave the professional world to join the teaching world five years ago and has never looked back. During her first year at New Technology High School, she was instrumental in bringing Anita Hill to the school to discuss her new documentary, “Anita" and has built a strong relationship with the Napa Valley Film Festival.

Her 2015 Game Design class designed and implemented an entire exhibit on the Indie Game Industry at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville. Her students have often been featured in the Napa Register for their work creating education board games for teachers and professionals across the country.

Gottfried was the 2015 recipient of the California Education Research Association Grant for Innovation in the Classroom. She went on to become valedictorian of her class at Touro University in 2016 for the Master’s program in Innovative Learning.


Cecilia Guerrero-Gopar, Spanish 1/Spanish for Spanish Speakers


Cecilia Guerrero-Gopar comes to New Tech as part of the teacher exchange program and is originally from Ensenada, Mexico. She teaches Spanish 1 and Spanish for Spanish Speakers.

Nancy Hale, American Studies/California Culture


Nancy Hale is excited about her 15th year teaching at a New Tech School. This school year also marks the 8th anniversary of teaching humanities with her fabulous partner, Andre Baldauf. It is also the inaugural year for the California Culture class. The Golden State sure has some fascinating cultures that I look forward to exploring with the students.


Karin Hatton, Creative Studies/Leadership


Karin Hatton is in her 19th year teaching in NVUSD and her very first year here at NTHS. Prior to coming here, she was an instructional coach at Napa High School, working with teachers to develop project based learning units. She also teaches credential candidates at Touro University and have a Masters in Educational Technology. Her husband teaches and coaches at Napa High School and they have three children, 18, 17 and 13. She is passionate about teaching young people the qualities necessary to be engaged and empathetic global citizens.


Kent McCarley, Computer Science Pathway


Kent McCarley joins New Tech after a varied career that includes stints as a naval officer, a production supervisor, and most recently more than 18 years in the software industry. Kent is excited to have the opportunity to teach Computer Science and he is looking forward to sharing his passion for creating great software while still having fun. When not in the classroom, Kent enjoys travelling with his wife, working on house projects, woodworking, gardening, and singing.

Dorothea McFarland, Physics/Financial Algebra


Dorothea McFarland is the mother of three teenagers. She has wanted to teach math and science since college. In anticipation of her children leaving home she went back to school to earn her teaching credential so that she would still be around kids when hers were gone. She has lived in Napa since 2001 and loves it. One of her biggest obsessions is the waste of resources that Americans are known for. She would be very interested in starting some sort of conservation club that gets something done here at New Tech conservation wise.

Ariel Paisley, Math 3/Pre-Calculus


Mr. Paisley earned his original teaching credentials in math and science at the University of Oregon in 1984, and added his M.Ed. in 1988. He has taught 6th through 12th grade math and science in Oregon, Hawaii, and California. In addition, he has taught graduate level teacher education courses through the University of Phoenix teacher credentialing program.

Mr. Paisley became engaged with project-based learning early in his career and has continued to pioneer student-centered, PBL approaches to learning in all of his classes. He believes that every student can learn anything they choose to learn, and develops class activities that are designed to unlock student interest and potential.

Mr. Paisley joined New Tech in 2004 and will be teaching Math-3 and Precalculus this year.

Kendra Parsons, Math 1/La Promesa


Kendra Parsons teachers Math 1 and the new partnership course with Sonoma State, La Promesa.  She joins the New Tech High in 2016-2017 coming to us as a math teacher and coach in Torrance, CA.

Estevan Perez, Math 2/ISPE


Estevan Perez joins the New Tech team after finishing his credential at Sonoma State University.

SuzAnne Wilson Regalia, Political Literature/Drama


In addition to more than ten years teaching at Vintage High School, American Canyon High School, and New Technology High School, SuzAnne Regalia has worked in the theatre industry from Napa to New York. She has worked in creative writing, specializing in poetry and playwrighting, and she looks forward to infusing Political Literature and Intermediate and Advanced Drama with creativity and passion!

Erin Reilly, Resource Specialist


Erin Reilly has been the Resource Specialist at New Tech since 2009. As the school's Special Education teacher, she works closely with students, staff and families to make sure students' needs and learning accommodations are being met in the classroom. Outside of work, Erin's passions include her daughter and attending and performing at salsa dance workshops and conferences.

Tom Serene, World Studies/Speech & Debate


Mr. Serene is in his 8th year teaching at New Tech. He teaches World Studies and Speech, Debate & Mock Trial. He was born into an Air Force family in Honolulu, Hawaii, and enjoyed living in several parts of the U.S. before graduating from high school in Tampa, Florida. After receiving a degree from Penn State University, he moved to California where he spent several years managing symphony orchestras and chamber music series before answering the call to teach, which he enjoys a great deal (especially here at New Tech!).

Angelene Warnock, Chemistry/Maker's Lab


Angelene Warnock is a science teacher, a UC Davis and Touro University graduate, and a life long learner. After helping to launch the computer science pathway at New Tech, she moved on to earn a certificate in Maker Education at Sonoma State University. Angelene is currently teaching chemistry while developing the New Tech Maker d.Lab (listed as Intro to Computer Programming.)


Kinnereth Winegarner, Spanish 2


Kinnereth Winegarner teaches Spanish 2 and is also the NTHS Friday Night Live club advisor. She has a BA in Spanish and Master's in Secondary Education. She lives in Napa with her husband, three daughters, and daschund. In her free time she loves to travel with her family.


Christie Wolf, BioFitness/Environmental Science


Christie Wolf teaches Biofitness. She has a B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and a Master's in Education from UC Santa Cruz. Mrs. Wolf is particularly passionate about health, working with and for the environment, and the arts.


Tom Wolf, BioFitness/Physical Education


Tom Wolf teaches Biofitness. He has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Master's in Sports Psychology from JFK University. Mr. Wolf is an avid sports fan, music fan, and New Tech's Ultimate Frisbee coach.