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At New Tech High students gain real world experiences inside and outside of the classroom

Students who are ready for a small school environment, and real world connections should click here to enroll today


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Why New Tech High??

New Tech High is a small, public, innovative high school that offers real world experiences to students inside and outside of the classroom. All of our students complete industry internships, take college classes, and grow in our safe and connected student-centered culture.

New Tech High is committed to delivering high quality, real world, project based learning in every subject and in every classroom. Since our school opened in 1996 we have been committed to implementing this rigorous and engaging instructional model to all students. New Tech High is a leader in project based learning nationwide, and is the flagship school of the New Tech Network; a network of more than 200 schools in the United States and Australia. At New Tech High we believe that project based learning is the best way to prepare students for the 21st Century because of the focus on relevant experiences, and skills that enable students to succeed in an ever changing world. You will find our student solving problems in our community, making connections with industry leaders, all while mastering the content and skills necessary to succeed in college, careers, and beyond. We get amazing feedback from students too—89% of New Tech students report having positive learning experiences.

At New Tech High the foundation of our program is built on relationships and the notion of trust, respect, and responsibility. When asked about connections to peers and adults on campus, 90% of our students report having positive relationships with other students and staff on campus and 95% of students report feeling safe and connected at school. 

  • Trust: Students are trusted and trust each other in return. Our campus is safe and students are empowered to make good decisions. 
  • Respect: Students and staff at New Tech High have high levels of respect for one another. This type of school culture allows students to have choice in how they pursue learning. 
  • Responsibility: Students learn to take responsibility for their own learning and actions while at New Tech High. This skill supports collaboration both inside and outside of the classroom. 

At New Tech High we place a high value on community and making sure that every student and every family feels safe and welcome at our school.

Our goal at New Tech High is to prepare our students for life after high school, no matter what path they choose. All of our students graduate having created a professional digital portfolio, having completed a 60 hour industry internship, and having completed at least 3 UC/CSU transferable college classes. These real world experiences prepare students for college, post high school training and so much more. Students use internships to explore potential career pathways and to gain valuable work-based learning experiences. Completing college classes allows our students to earn college credits by taking classes with college professors and other college students, and allows them to pursue various goals, like getting a jump start on their undergraduate degrees or getting started on a technical pathway. 

New Tech High opened as one of the first schools with 1-to-1 computer access for students.  All students are welcome to bring their own device to school or to use an NVUSD provided device. We continue to heavily leverage technology in all classrooms as a tool to expand and deepen student learning and experiences. We offer a robust Digital Media pathway for students that includes learning the basics of the Adobe suite, Graphic Design, and Game Design. We also have a strong Computer Science pathway that supports students in developing coding and robotics skills. New Tech High is committed to exploring the role technology can play in education, and to being an innovator in this area.

New Technology High School has played a unique role in leading education reform in the Napa Valley, the United States, and even globally.  As a public school of choice, New Tech prides itself in being diverse learning community that mirrors the demographics of the greater district.  

The enrollment lottery process is open to both in-district and out-of-district applicants with preference going to NVUSD residents and siblings of current students.  As a fully public high school, New Technology High School does not practice lottery discrimination and there is not academic requirement for acceptance into the school. New Technology High School accepts 108 incoming freshman to each class and fills vacant slots in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades from the waitlist.  

Want to apply?  Follow the processes on this page.

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